Re-thinking Our Daily Commutes

Erin Taylor, Communications Officer
Personal vehicles are big contributors to greenhouse gas emissions; choosing an alternative method of transportation like biking, public transit or walking can help individuals reduce their environmental impact.

To encourage students to find a more sustainable commute, the Environmental Committee held a “Walk to School Day” on November 2. Since the weather was much chillier than last Spring’s Walk to School Day, students and staff were encouraged to consider taking public transit or biking.

Students could earn House points by submitting a selfie to the Environmental Committee during their eco-friendly commute. 150 students and staff participated; the number of cars droppings students off at the front doors fell from 130 to 77.

Students also participated in a dress down and fundraiser. Donations were collected to purchase bee-friendly plant bulbs. The Environmental Committee will be planting these bulbs in the school’s gardens as part of their initiatives to save the bees.

The Environmental Committee will be running another Walk to School Day in the Spring for Earth Week, and hope to see even more participation!

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