Grizzlies Rock Cross Country

Erin Taylor, Communications Officer
Greenwood’s Cross Country team has enjoyed an exceptional season. Our runners trained with consistent enthusiasm and dedication, showing up ready to run for morning practices. They trained in Mount Pleasant Cemetery or, when the weather turned nasty, got their cardio training in the fitness room.

The results of this dedication clearly showed through in meets throughout the season. The Midget Boys consistently placed well, with Sam Collibee (‘22) placing near the top of the pack in each race. Anne Farr (‘21) and Evelyn Rogan (‘21) led the Junior Girls to victory; there were also strong performances by their teammates Maya Oberai (‘21) and Alyssa Marshall (‘21). Robyn Perry (‘20) ran well at all the races she competed in.

The Boardwalk Relays meet in the Beaches was a particular highlight for the Grizzlies. At the relays, teams of four cover 12 km, with each runner taking an equal leg. Lacking enough runners for their own teams, our three Grade 7 runners chose to compete alongside their peers in older age groups. Jack Loewen (‘24) and Ben Aspden (‘24) ran with the Grade 9 Boys. Michele Horak (‘24) raced with the Grade 10 girls, going up against runners in Grades 10-12! Plus, our Midget Boys team placed first in the Boardwalk Relays, winning some Nike swag. It was a solid meet for all our Grizzly runners; everyone ran a race they could be proud of.

The CISAA Championships at Trinity College on October 24 brought more great results. Sam Collibee placed fourth in the Midget Boys race, with the Midget Boys team placing second overall. Anne Farr placed eighth in the Junior Girls race and Robyn Perry placed second in the Senior Girls Race. Evelyn Rogan, Charlie Baillie (‘22), Andrew Hepworth (‘22), Jonah Greenhut (‘21), Reid Brown (‘21) and Connor Lewitt (‘21) all also had great races and should be proud of their season.

An incredible 7 athletes qualified for OFSAA: the Midget Boys team as well as Anne Farr in the Junior Girls and Robyn Perry in the Senior Girls races. The runners all performed well, enjoying strong performances and acting as excellent representatives of their school.

Congratulations to Greenwood’s cross country team for an excellent season!

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