Ask Dr. Wells: How can I fall asleep more quickly?

Dr. Greg Wells, a physiologist, exercise medicine researcher and professor of kinesiology, is working with Greenwood students throughout the year on health and well-being. He has created a program unique to Greenwood that we’re infusing into our curriculum, but he has also made himself available to students as a resource. Students can use the “Ask Dr. Wells” feature on our website to submit a question at any time; Dr. Wells will answer these questions in video format throughout the year.

At our November 19 assembly, Dr. Wells addressed a topic that’s likely on everyone’s mind: sleep. “Go to bed earlier” is a common piece of advice when it comes to well-being, but that can be tricky when you have trouble falling asleep in the first place. Check out the video below to see Dr. Wells’ tips on how to drift off to dreamland more quickly.

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