Creating Meaningful Engagement Opportunities

Sarah Bruce, Principal
The grads fondly recalled their time at the school, especially the meaningful experiences that they had beyond the classroom. They were joined at the reunion by many current and past Greenwood teachers, and it was clear that both alumni and former staff felt a tremendous sense of pride in Greenwood and want to stay connected with the school.
Creating meaningful opportunities for engagement, both in and out of the classroom, is critical for making the most out of students' time at Greenwood. On October 22, as students entered the foyer of the school, they were invited to cast their vote for the mayor of Toronto. With a realistic polling booth and real candidates on the ballot, our students got a sense of the importance of their engagement and participation in an election. As they entered the school yesterday, students had an opportunity to partake in a more light-hearted activity—some karaoke! In both cases, students embraced the opportunity to engage in school life. Opportunities like this have a positive effect not only on students themselves, but on the school and the community.
Opportunities for student engagement at Greenwood are numerous. This Fall alone, students have headed out on Outdoor Education experiences, played on school teams, joined the play and Student Council, fundraised for Terry Fox, and participated in Pride Week, Arts Day, clubs, and service learning to name a few. Many of these activities are student-driven, empowering students as leaders and providing them with opportunities to build positive working relationships both within and beyond of the Greenwood community.
With the help of adult champions, we will continue to honour the capacity and capability of students to engage in these authentic—and hopefully satisfying and enjoyable—experiences throughout the year. I look forward to one day seeing these students return as alumni whose formative years were shaped by attending Greenwood.

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