Bringing Imagination to Life in the Innovation Lab

In the upper basement of our expanded building, a 3D printer is methodically working away. By the end of the day, it will have printed an entire model car - conceptualized and designed by a student.

Our two 3D printers are the first major purchases for our brand-new Innovation Lab, and we’re already putting them through their paces. But as fun as the printer is to use, the items we’ve produced so far have been thoughtfully chosen to support learning at Greenwood, both in and out of the classroom. Some of them include:
  • A model of one of the towers at Versailles; our Grade 12 World History class added annotations directly to the model, marking features of absolutism in the architecture.
  • A reproduction of a human skull, used by our Exercise Science class in their study of anatomy.
  • A replica of a dissected frog; along with printouts of the internal organs, this could be used to support biology classes.
Outside of the classroom, the members of our new 3D Design Club have been using design software to create their own model cars; once all of the cars have been printed, the group will have races to determine which is the fastest. Our Dungeons & Dragons Club has also used the printer to design and print their own custom characters.

Thanks to Jonathan Tepper, Executive Director, Information & Learning Technology, and our two Innovation Lab coordinators, Bill Farbstein and Michael Schmidt, the lab is continuing to take shape. Their goal is that the Innovation Lab will become a flexible workspace featuring a variety of technology to support student learning.

“We want to support classroom projects that help students go above and beyond,” Michael says.
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