Grade Eight Visual Artists Explore the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

The purpose of the trip was to view and discuss Canadian art by Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven and their contemporaries, and First Nations and Inuit artists. In September, this group of students also had a day trip in Algonquin Park to Canoe Lake learning about the life, art and death of Tom Thomson. Their first project this year was a Group of 7 pencil crayon drawing.

Art Subject Matters and Stories from Canada were the tours that the students had at the gallery. They engaged in conversation about the history of Canadian art and the McMichael gallery, the inclusion of specific subject matter in paintings, the stylistic choices made by artists, and the importance of art to our country.

Students visited the Tom Thomson shack that once stood in the Rosedale Ravine and had a wonderful snowball fight near the Group of 7 graves. Ms. Petch assured them that the group members would be pleased to hear children laughing and enjoying such a typical Canadian activity in the woods near their final resting place.

Nancy Lang, the producer of West Wind, The Vision of Tom Thomson, visited the Grade 8 Art class on Friday, November 30 to discuss her research and the film.
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