Getting to Know the Greenwood Community

Sarah Bruce, Principal
One of my key goals during my first term at Greenwood is getting to know the community and gaining a better understanding of the school. I am learning something new about Greenwood every day. I enjoy finding out more about the interests and talents of our students and staff members, as well as meeting parents; in doing so, I’m building a better understanding of what makes Greenwood unique.

On Monday, I had the opportunity to meet with our Head Girl and Boy, Rachel Keaveney and James Southey, and review the feedback that they gathered from students in all grades about what improvements they would like to see here at Greenwood. Students have great ideas and diverse and creative suggestions; I learn a lot from them about possibilities for school improvement. I appreciated this opportunity to speak with Rachel and James, as they have both been at Greenwood for many years and have great insights into the school.

This past week’s production of Alice in Wonderland Jr. was outstanding! The four performances were the culmination of weeks of hard work by the students in both the cast and crew and the staff who supported them. It was wonderful to see these students demonstrate their talents and experience the payoff from a massive collaborative effort. The Junior Play certainly says a lot about the perseverance and passion of all those involved.

Today, I visited two of our Service Learning locations and saw Greenwood students interacting with their reading buddies and leading activities for younger students. These are not easy tasks, and everyone involved seemed to be gaining a great deal from the experience. At Greenwood we strive to graduate students of good character; as demonstrated by yesterday’s Adviser Progress Report, this is central to our mission. In this first term I have continuously observed opportunities at Greenwood for students to develop their intellectual, moral, civic and performance character and have already observed evidence of much student growth in these areas.

Getting to know Greenwood better each day is a privilege and a pleasure. As the year unfolds, I look forward to learning more about the dynamics of the school and the members of our community.

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