Maintaining Staff Wellness

Staff keep our school running - and we recognize that the valuable work they do can be mentally, physically and emotionally draining. That’s why we’ve organized a number of staff well-being initiatives this year, encouraging them to prioritize being healthy in mind and body.

A few of these initiatives include:
  • Staff sports games in our gym, including badminton, volleyball and ultimate
  • Rock wall sessions, for staff who want to try out the wall in our Lodge
  • Pilates/boot camp sessions held at the school
  • A staff walking club, giving staff the motivation to get their blood pumping and take in fresh air during the school day
  • Well-being moments, encouraging relaxation,as lead-ins to staff meetings
All of these initiatives are optional, and staff can pick and choose the items that fit with their interests and schedule. Our hope is that these offerings will give staff the opportunity to set aside even a few minutes for themselves in the course of the school day. In doing so, they’re not only looking after their well-being, but setting a great example for our students.

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