Holiday Hootenanny 2018

On Monday, the halls were filled with holiday sweaters, scarves, ties and accessories for our holiday dress down. We closed out our last Greenwood Mic of 2018 with some holiday cheer, with our Arts Committee leading a group sing-a-long of “Let It Snow” and a very special (and musical) House Update from The Tenors!

The mood has been high all week as the holiday activities continue. Tuesday saw students taking on the staff in the gym for a friendly Snowball (Dodgeball) Fight; at lunchtime, they relaxed in the Lodge with a showing of Elf. At lunchtime today, students tested their holiday knowledge with a Kahoot quiz led by our Student Council. The fun will keep rolling right into the holiday break - students can bring their own mug for a free hot chocolate tomorrow morning and scour the school for a House Holiday Scavenger Hunt at break.

With all the festive activities, school spirit is running high! We hope everyone enjoys the holidays, starting them on such a high note.
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