Project Impact at Greenwood

Each year, we raise money and awareness to support organizations like Out of the Cold and Youth Without Shelter, two community-based programs that help homeless youth and provide food for those in need. This year, we hosted a speaker from Youth Without Shelter who spoke with our Grade 7 and 8 students about some of the misconceptions around homeless youth and ways for even the youngest members of our community to become advocates.

On December 13, a group of senior students traveled to St. Matthew’s United Church to cook a meal for 160 members of the public who frequent their Out of the Cold program. We partnered with the Food and Culture class at school to learn how to budget and meal plan for a group that size and the menu came from conversations with that class. Students cooked a five-course meal from scratch and learned about diet and nutrition concerns for those who often experience food insecurity.

To help fund the meal, the Service Learning Committee sold Project Impact swag items as well as Holiday Grams. Students learned the importance of providing context for fundraisers and learned how to deal with donor fatigue around the holidays. These types of lessons are always important as they show students the complexities involved when planning large-scale events.

It’s always wonderful to see the school come together to support local initiatives, and Project Impact week is a great opportunity to learn, to give and to reflect on how important being involved really is.
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