Venturing Further During Winter OE Week

Melissa St Amant, Communications Officer
OE gives every grade an opportunity to get outside, gain confidence in their abilities and build perseverance. Students are challenged to venture out of their comfort zones by participating in a number of outdoor activities that build leadership and teamwork skills, enhance their problem-solving skills and build relationships with their peers.

·      Grade 7s had a fun week filled with cross-country skiing, games and team building activities at camp Mini-Yo-We.
·      Grade 8s spent their days at Pine Crest playing ice hockey, skiing and building outdoor shelters (and had an intense Iron Chef cook-off).
·      Grade 9s learned the art of making quinzees at the Canadian Ecology Centre and some even took on the challenge of sleeping outside.
·      Grade 10s went ice climbing, tubing, and snowshoeing and took on the high ropes in Medeba.
·      Grade 11s spent their OE week dog sledding and snowshoeing in Algonquin Park and building leadership skills at Cedar Ridge Camp.

While the Grade 7-11 students spent the week in the snow, our 
Grade 12 students participated in community service projects in Costa Rica, as well as here in Toronto. The Grade 12s in Costa Rica spent their time volunteering at a local school and learning about agriculture at a Costa Rican Ranch. They also took on white water rafting, surfing, swimming and salsa dancing. Back here in Toronto, our Grade 12 Challenge Week team immersed themselves in day-to-day operations at New Circles Community Services, including sorting donated clothing and working in the store. No matter where the students were, every group was challenged to communicate effectively with their teams, enhance their problem solving skills, push themselves and support one another. There were many physical challenges like ice climbing, surfing, high ropes and games that required encouragement and guidance from their teammates. There were also mental challenges that drove students to learn and persevere. From adapting to the cold weather and helping those in need to learning about the meaning of friendship and taking risks, every student ventured further.

Greenwood values outdoor education because it enhances students’ 
educational and personal experiences. OE week encourages physical activity, promotes leadership and team building and helps students develop skills outside of the classroom. Not only is it beneficial for a student’s overall well-being, but it also allows them to connect with others and establish enduring friendships. This year’s OE week was a great success for the students and they should be proud of what they achieved.

Greenwood would also like to thank all the teachers and staff who attended and helped organize OE week. We are thankful for their hard work and
commitment to making OE the best experience possible for the students.

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