Welcome Back, Kotter

Melissa St Amant, Communications Officer
The song that was played on the announcements this morning was from one of her favourite television shows, Welcome Back, Kotter, a 70s sitcom starring Gabe Kaplan that took place at a New York high school. Kaplan played Mr. Kotter, a high school teacher in charge of a unique and diverse class called the “Sweathogs”.

The vice-principal of the school deemed Kotter’s class ‘hoodlums’ and wanted to see them fail. He said they were unteachable and that they had no potential in life. On the other hand, Kotter saw the potential in the so-called ‘unteachable’ students and supported them however he could. Kotter went out of his way to help them overcome their differences and encouraged them to support one another, even if it meant befriending the students in silly ways.

Ms. Bruce encouraged everyone to learn from Kotter’s message that students can do amazing things if everyone supports and accepts each other. Having supportive teachers and peers can improve a student’s experience both at school and in their personal lives. Everyone has infinite potential and it is important to never give up.

All the students who overcame challenges during OE week were congratulated by Ms. Bruce. She heard many positive stories from each group and is proud of every student for venturing further and supporting one another. She also thanked our teachers and staff for supporting the students and making this year’s OE week possible.

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