Come One, Come All to Greenwood’s Senior Play: The Worst Cabaret in Town!

Melissa St Amant, Communications Officer
Greenwood’s Senior Play: The Worst Cabaret in Town is coming to our theatre February 28 and March 1 at 7:00 p.m. This show bids you to step back in time for what could be the last performance of a passionate, but down on their luck, early 1930's theatre troupe. Jonah Greenhut ‘21 plays an over-the-top MC and will guide you through a night of riveting musical performances, dance, short plays, and ensemble pieces. At Monday’s assembly, Jonah put on a fantastic performance to get everyone excited for the play and it clearly showed how passionate he is about his character.

I had the opportunity to sit in on a rehearsal practice where I saw the hard work and dedication the staff and students have been putting into the show these last few months. Mr. Henry and Mr. Brown, the teachers who have made this play come to life, knew Jonah was a natural for the MC position. They both saw Jonah’s talent and wrote his lines after they had cast him, realizing how developed his character could be. When I was watching Jonah I could see his passion and natural talent and was captivated by his performance.

The entire cast and crew have been working especially hard this past week, making sure all props, costumes, lines, curtain draws, music and dance are exactly the way they want it to be. One thing I found unique is that Mr. Brown and Mr. Henry took all aspects of different arts programs at Greenwood and incorporate them into the show. They have had amazing musical direction from teachers Mr. Wright and Mr. Morrison, who are starring in the live musical performances, along with some of their talented music students. Dance team coach Ms. Floras has also played a big part in choreographing dance routines for the play. Overall, students and staff have leveraged all aspects of the arts and used their talents to turn them into an incredibly entertaining show.

The entire time I watched them perform, I was laughing and smiling. I know these students will captivate their audience like they did me, and I can’t wait for them to showcase their talents.

Get your tickets today and join us for an evening of jazz, drama, and vaudevillian hilarity. You don’t want to miss out!
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