Get to Know the Art Around the School

Described below is a list of the art produced by our talented students, the inspiration behind their work and where you can find the pieces around the school.

Grade 7 Visual Arts — Painted Dioramas
Location: West Wall — Art Studio- Room 310
Grade 7 artists have been busy for three terms thus far demonstrating knowledge of colour theory, drawing and painting in a famous painting diorama. Five students also created part of their scene on our new 3D printers.

Grade 8 Visual Arts — Mixed Media
Location: Main Floor, North-West Stairwell
Students utilized drawing and painting to create an effective composition revealing something interesting about themselves. They were challenged to draw and paint with accuracy and detail and to include one additional element of their choice in the work.

Grade 10 Visual Arts (Gr. 9 students) — Relief Printmaking
Location: Main Floor, North-West Stairwell
Students researched animals and creatures to discover one that they were most like/shared common characteristics with. They designed a scene for an edition of three relief prints of a particular animal in its habitat. They were challenged to carve and print with consideration given to texture and suitable colours.

Grade 11 Visual Arts — Portrait Paintings
Location: Main floor, easels outside of Learning Commons
Monochromatic Celebrity Portrait Paintings: In our painting unit students studied how to accurately render facial proportions using the tints, shades and gradients of one colour. Students who demonstrated a mastery of this skill were challenged to paint a portrait using a realistic colour scheme.

Grade 12 Drawing and Painting — Pastel Still-Life Drawings
Location: Main Floor, South-West Stairwell
Students were inspired by the work of Canadian artist Mary Pratt. They photographed still-life scenes in their own homes in the style of Pratt to show beauty in scenes that may otherwise be considered ordinary, while also utilizing natural light. These large-scale drawings were created in oil pastel on toned paper.
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