Being Respectful Even When We Disagree

Sarah Bruce, Principal
I am currently reading Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming. I find Michelle Obama inspiring and am enjoying learning more about her life story. She has a motto she uses when she feels like politicians are no longer being civil: “When they go low, we go high.”  To me, this is such a great reminder to be respectful even when we disagree.

A great example of this was recently posted to our Facebook page as a reminder of the importance of character. When it was time to hand over the presidency to Bill Clinton in 1993, George H.W. Bush left his successor a beautiful note of encouragement, even though they were political rivals. Read Bush’s kind words to Clinton here.

There are some friendly rivalries happening at Greenwood these days between Houses, and things are ramping up for our Spelling Bee. I think a little competition is healthy and I love seeing these friendly (yet hotly contested) House challenges take place. Our students are gracious whether they win or lose, and good sportsmanship is truly a joy for me to observe. Watching Greenwood students play basketball and volleyball last week with grit and determination was more evidence of how healthy competition encourages high performance and pushes student athletes to improve.

I look forward to winter season finals and more House challenges in the coming days, and will look for evidence of good sportsmanship, strong character and Greenwood Grizzlies going high, even if the competition goes low.

Sarah Bruce

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