Shooting Hoops & Strengthening Friendships

Building strong cross-grade relationships is key to a healthy school environment. Our inaugural Boys’ Group Basketball Bonanza was designed to do just that.

Held on Friday, March 8, this event brought together our Grade 7 and Grade 11 Boys’ Groups for an intramural basketball tournament. Greenwood’s Boys’ Groups, as well as our Girls’ Groups, give students a structured, yet open, forum to discuss issues affecting their gender. Grade 7 students played in the tournament while Grade 11 students acted as coaches and referees.

“This was a friendly tournament, with the emphasis on grade collaboration, rather than results,” said Grade 11 Boys’ Group facilitator, Connor McFarlane. “We’re all in this together.”

After dividing into four teams, Grade 7 students joined up with their Grade 11 coaches, who led them through the tournament. The Grade 11s organized players, ran the benches and gave their squad a pep talk before each game. Whenever a Grade 7 student made a basket, executed a great pass or blocked a shot, it was often the Grade 11s who were the most excited.

“More Grade 11s than Grade 7s came out today, which is great to see,” said Connor. And that’s saying something - the tournament was very popular with players.

It was wonderful watching bonds form and strengthen between older and younger students. The Grade 11s stepped seamlessly into a leadership and mentorship role, and their Grade 7 players clearly enjoyed getting to know their older peers.

Connor’s hope is that this collaboration is the first of many. “It’s a great way to create more cohesion between groups,” he says.

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