Alumnus Innes Reid ‘16 Conducts a Music Class at Greenwood

“The moment I stepped back into Greenwood I felt a huge sense of nostalgia and was thrilled that it hadn’t lost any of its essence.”

Greenwood alumnus Innes Reid ‘16 was known for his musical talent and participation in a lot of musical groups during his time at Greenwood. He described himself as the “kid who tried to get involved in everything” and is so glad he did.

Innes is now in his third year at the University of Guelph majoring in Music. One of the requirements for his Music Education course is to complete a teaching practicum. This practicum allows students to take what they have learned and put it into practice alongside an experienced teacher. Innes immediately knew he wanted to do this practicum at the same place that defined his passion for music: Greenwood College School.

Upon connecting with Greenwood music teacher Ben Wright, Innes was given the opportunity to sit in and observe Mr. Wright’s music class for two full days. Not only did he learn from watching Mr. Wright’s teaching methods, he got to work with students individually and conduct a variety of songs with the entire class. “This was my first real experience teaching music,” Innes says. “I walked students through warmups, conducted pieces, and really learned how to become the ‘instructor’ of a classroom.”

Innes enjoys working with youth and spends the majority of his summers at a summer camp teaching kids how to rock climb. “Sometimes I need to remind myself to be the adult in the room,” Innes says. Being immersed into a classroom as a teacher and not as a student was a great way for Innes to learn how to communicate with kids in a more professional manner, all while maintaining a positive and fun learning environment.

Innes’ speciality is jazz guitar; he also enjoys singing. Currently, he is part of the Guelph Symphonic Choir and likes to involve himself in different music groups on campus. Once he graduates from Guelph, he hopes to attend teachers’ college and then pursue his dream career as a music teacher here at Greenwood.
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