Welcoming Next Year's Head Boy and Head Girl

Congratulations to next year’s Head Girl and Boy, Leah Aspden and John Naprawa, and to the other candidates who had the courage to run for these positions. Thank you to James Southey and Rachel Keaveney for their work this year as Head Boy and Girl. It is such a privilege getting to know these students and to see them navigate the challenges and rewards of leadership. I encourage students to give the various leadership roles a try over their years here at Greenwood. There are roles big and small, and each of these roles comes with opportunities to learn and to have a meaningful impact on our school.

May has arrived, and we are in the last few weeks of classes prior to final evaluations. It is at this time of year that our students need to remain focused on a strong finish. Striking a balance between enjoying end-of-year celebrations, events and activities and demonstrating what they have learned on final evaluations is important. Finishing strong does not just mean finishing with good grades. I equate a strong finish with staying true to your values and maintaining the quality of your character.  

Our school values are an important part of the Greenwood experience. In everything we do, we encourage students to be curious, independent and strategic learners, to persevere through challenges, to give back to their community, and to make good, strong choices. I notice evidence of these values every day at our school. I see students having productive group study sessions in the Learning Commons and leaving it all on the rugby pitch. I see students making brown-bag lunches for youth shelter residents and taking care to be welcoming and inclusive. And I see a strong, caring group of staff supporting them along the way.

Our students’ commitment to these values is what makes Greenwood so special. As we approach the end of the year, I encourage students to stay strong and to cross the finish line knowing they’ve given it their all.

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