Grandfriends Day Recap

Tuesday, May 7 marked our biggest Grandfriends Day celebration to date. Over 270 grandfriends joined us for a morning of music, videos and school tours with their Greenwood student hosts.

Student volunteers guided visitors up to the gym, where their grandchildren met them and they settled in for presentations. Sarah Bruce opened the morning by welcoming all of the guests and expressing her gratitude for such an amazing and supportive community. She was soon followed by the Greenwood Choir, who gave an excellent performance of the song “Jolene” by Dolly Parton.

We also had a great performance by the Grade 10 music class and by Catherine McFadgen ‘22, who sang the song “Maybe”from the film Annie. Our grandfriends also watched videos showcasing our arts, athletics and Outdoor Education program, and heard from Charlotte Keating ‘19 about her experience at Greenwood over the past few years.

Once Mr. Lougheed closed the assembly by thanking our grandfriends for their continued support, the students took their grandparents on a tour of the school.

Thank you to all the parents and grandfriends who joined us for Grandfriends Day!
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