Small Project, Big Impact

Rex was one of Greenwood’s first teachers, staying with the school from its founding in 2002 until his retirement in 2010. Since then, much of his time has been devoted to making a difference through The Small Project.

The project is named for Rex’s cousin, George Small, who lived on a 50,000 acre cattle ranch in central Kenya until his death in 2002. George loved both the people and the land of Kenya, providing funds to build schools, sponsor the education of promising young people, and found a mobile health clinic (today known as Community Health Africa Trust).

In 2005, Rex and his wife, Mary-Ellen, started a small scholarship in George’s honour to send a few deserving kids in Kenya to better schools. As word spread about this initiative, more funds began coming in and a few more people came on board to support the project. Fourteen years later, The Small Project has official charitable status and supports schooling for 25 young people from Grade 5 to the fourth year of university.

The project will always be small by nature as well as in name, allowing for low overhead and more contact between the project and the students and causes it supports. Through quality education, The Small Project hopes to give more students in Kenya an opportunity for meaningful employment, helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Congratulations, Rex, for all of your wonderful work!

Learn more about The Small Project here.
Recently, Greenwood alumnus and registered nurse Gigi Labrie ‘07 travelled to Kenya, with Rex’s help, to work with the Community Health Africa Trust’s mobile clinic. Read her story here.
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