Advice for a Grade 12 Student Entering Postsecondary

Grade 12 students welcomed Greenwood alumni to talk about their experience in their first year of university. The panel consisted of four 2018 grads including Jess Quinn, Charlie Goodman, Emily Agouri and Sadie Houston. They were prompted by questions from Mr. Lougheed and shared stories and answered questions with the students.

What was the most nerve-wracking thing about entering University?

“Going into residence and not knowing people was a bit scary, especially coming from Greenwood where you know everyone. You end up making friends quickly and you see the same people all the time so it’s not something to worry about.” - Sadie Houston

What advice would you give for the first few days?

“Go to a few activities during frosh week. Don’t just sit in your room - try to be social.” - Jess Quinn

“You have to really try to put yourself out there.” - Charlie Goodman

What is the biggest academic challenge you faced?

“Make sure you go to class. No one keeps track if you go or not. You also need to read the syllabus thoroughly and put dates in your calendar because it is easy to miss something by accident.” - Emily Agouri

“You have a lot of free time, so you really need to learn how to use it.” - Jess Quinn

What extracurriculars did you get involved in?

“There are many opportunities to get involved both within and outside of your program so you should look for something based on your interests.” - Charlie Goodman

“I played fall intramurals but I didn’t get as involved as I wish I had. Opportunities don’t come to you - you have to look for them.” - Jess Quinn

“I played intramural sports with people I met in residence and I also worked on school news publications during the winter months.” - Sadie Houston

How did you find a balance between school and personal life?

“Setting ‘work hours’ during the week between 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. like a regular job can allow you to have more free time at night and on the weekends.” - Jess Quinn

“You have more free time, so you need to try to be productive and avoid procrastinating.” - Sadie Houston

“Your first semester will be your worst for marks because you’re still adjusting. Don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re really just trying to get the hang of things.” - Emily Agouri

Thank you Emily, Charlie, Sadie and Jess. We appreciate you sharing your experience and know that it was very helpful for those attending postsecondary this fall.

Our favourite piece of advice: “Lucky Charms is not a salad.” - Emily Agouri
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