Who would you invite to dinner?

If given the opportunity to have dinner with anyone, who would you choose and why?

This was the question posed to Grade 9 Art students for their culminating project. Once they determined who they would invite, they had the challenging task of creating a place setting for them. One student made a NASA-themed setting in hopes of having dinner with Neil Armstrong, while another student made a Queen-themed setting to have dinner with Freddie Mercury.

Sarah was impressed by the creativity of the students and this question really got her thinking about the type of person she would want to invite to dinner.

During our May 28 assembly, she posed the same question to the students and shared pictures of the Grade 9 Art projects. Sarah thought about the different types of people she could choose from, but how do you determine the criteria of your dinner guest?

Would you want to spend that meal with someone famous and ask them about their journey to success? Would you want the chance to dine with an influential leader in hopes they would listen to what you have to say? Or would you want to spend it with some who makes you laugh and inspires you? These are a few of the questions Sarah asked herself.

She encouraged students to surround themselves with people they respect, admire, and love. “Your time is precious - choose who you want to spend it with wisely,” said Sarah.

She then closed her address wishing everyone the best on their final assessments.

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