Looking Ahead to the Next School Year

This is my penultimate note for Life @ Greenwood. I’m not sure if a school year has ever seemed to go as quickly as this one. With only a few days left before Celebration Day, thoughts are turning to summer and even looking ahead to the next school year. I am sure that your planning for summer began long ago. Finding meaningful opportunities in the summer for work or play or family time -- or maybe a bit of all three -- is not easy, especially in combination with other obligations. If you can manage one-on-one time with each of your children, I highly recommend it. I have seen firsthand that this has such a positive impact on teens. Going for an ice cream cone, walking the dog together or completing a home improvement project can all be great chances for conversation and connection. A little time well spent together, just parent and child, can go a long way.

I appreciate exchanging parenting tips with other parents and figure that, in my role as both Principal and parent, sharing ideas and information can only help. As part of our partnership with you as educators and supporters of your children, we also want to support you in your challenging and rewarding roles as parents. Our 2018-2019 speaker series was designed with this goal in mind, and our parent community’s response was positive and encouraging. Based on the needs of teens and feedback from parents, we are pleased to share what you can look forward to next year.

Parent Series 2019-2020: Teens and Caring Communities

The focus of next year’s series will be Creating Caring Communities for Teens, through the lens of issues that our children face today. Over the year, parents will develop an understanding of resiliency, temperament and the meaning of community, especially within the context of the topic for each presentation.

Suggestions we have received from parents are also reflected in the current research on how communities help teens develop resiliency. For Greenwood students, these communities include their homes, extended family and friends, activities and school.

Topics will include:
  • Being Healthy: Substance Use and Abuse Awareness, Sleep and Food as Nutrition and Beyond
  • Gender: Truth and Myth
  • Social Media
We are finalizing our list of speakers and dates, so please look for details when we return in September.

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