Welcome Back From OE!

“You set out on an adventure. You left comfortable and known behind. You pushed yourself - and in doing so, you learned about yourself. I hope the fall OE trips helped you to realize that you are more resilient and capable then you thought.”

Sarah gave a warm welcome back to Greenwood staff and students from an amazing week spent in the outdoors. 

Sarah had the privilege of visiting the Grade 12 trip to Madawaska Kanu Centre where she got to witness our students take on the challenge of paddling white water. She was impressed by their hard work and determination as they were taking on Class 2/3 rapids and she congratulated them all for completing their Paddle Canada Tandem Skills certificate.

She hopes throughout the year, students will think back to the shared learning experiences they had with their classmates. Whether it was completing challenging portages or overcoming homesickness, everyone should be proud for venturing further.

She ended her address by encouraging everyone to work hard together, laugh often and lift each other up.

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