Introducing the Cast of Little Shop of Horrors!

Little Shop of Horrors is an exciting comedy, sci-fi, horror musical about a meek florist’s assistant whose enormous, unidentified plant leads him to fame, fortune, and romance. The only hitch is that the plant needs human blood to grow…..

Over the last two weeks, the cast has already formed great relationships with each other and even performed the musical’s opening number, ‘Little Shop’, for over 200 guests on Visitors’ Day!

Cast members have already expressed how excited they are and can’t wait to perform in front of everyone! They will continue to rehearse every week until their big debut in December.

Read what some of our lead performers have to say:

“I like the play because of how close I get with the other kids in the cast. After only 2 1/2 weeks, I feel like I know each and every student in the lead cast so well.” - Evan Edgell ‘24

“What I love most about the character that I am playing is how sassy and confident she is! Crystal does not care what people think about her or her friends and is very expressive.” - Evie Ohlson ‘24

“The rehearsal process so far is so much fun. It’s the thing I look forward to most during the day.” - Sydney Peel ‘23

Meet the full cast below!

Lead Roles
Seymour: Finley Burke
Audrey: Sydney Peel
Mushnik: Gil Carter
Audrey Two (The Plant): Evan Edgell
Orin: Mitch Cait-Goldenthal
Crystal: Evie Ohlson
Chiffon: Sarah Snider
Ronnette: Rhiannon O'Brien
Doo Wop Girls: Sara Hodges, Molly Jones, Ella Usher-Jones, Robyn Bauer

Ensemble Characters
Florist: Violet Bryce
Customer: Sasha Carter
Bernstein: Matthew Weldon
Mrs Luce: Phoebe Starnino

Lucy Lapowich 
Reighan Cameron
Chiara Fleming
Nate Warrillow
Charlotte Kitscha
Harrison Buck
Kylie Armstrong
Claire Avery
Charlotte Hounsome
Max Dalla Lana
Matthew Scrivens
Griffin Carter
Carson Blackwell
Constantine Kyroglou
Rachel Flaherty
Sam Parsons
Mikayla Baker
McKenzie Baker
Kennedy Gilchrist
Kiera Thomson
Lauren Baillie
Phoebe Gregson
Charlie Henn
Sophie Lamb 
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