Learn About the Greenwood Student Life Team

The Student Life Team consists of student leaders and staff advisers who strive to create inclusive initiatives that raise awareness about a variety of topics and/or promote and enhance positive school culture.

Within Greenwood, student life encompasses everything from student leadership committees to our extra-curricular clubs program. Students can engage in conversations about creating a sustainable future with the environment committee, 3D print in our innovation lab, have their voice heard on one of our many student-based councils and so much more! Student interest drives most of our programming and thus we have great turn over from year to year of ideas and activities.

This year, the student leadership committee executives (comprised of Grade 11 and 12 students) were tasked with co-authoring a mission statement with their committees. The following are the mission statements for each committee:

Arts Committee

Our mission is to inspire involvement, creativity, and awareness within the arts at Greenwood. 

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee is dedicated to ensuring all identities are embraced and welcomed at Greenwood College. We strive to provide education, representation and awareness for individuals and communities in order to make Greenwood a more inclusive space.

Service Learning Committee

The Service Learning Committee aims to increase awareness of social causes and engage students in school-wide initiatives that support local and global issues. Working with the school-life team, our committee strives to create the opportunity for outreach and action. 

Environmental Committee

To make Greenwood an environmentally sustainable place to learn and work while educating the community on the importance of our initiatives and inspiring all of our community members to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

OE Committee

To encourage everyone to engage in outdoor pursuits, try new things during outdoor education opportunities and create a larger OE presence in everyday life at Greenwood.

Jack Chapter

The Jack Chapter is devoted to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing through open conversations and education surrounding mental health. The Jack Chapter strives to be accessible and inclusive to all, utilizing school-wide initiatives and increasing visibility within the school community.    

House Council

Greenwood’s 2019-2020 House Committee’s mission this year is to provide a greater sense of school community, through spirited events embedded in all areas of school life, that cause intergrade bonding, fosters new friendships and facilitates friendly competition within the school. 

Student Council

Comprised of representatives from each grade, the Student Council strives to promote and facilitate grade bonding through activities and initiatives while listening and responding to the voices of the student community.

Grad Council

The Grad Council acts as a collective of student leadership committee executives. They meet to share ideas, support other Greenwood leaders, create collaborative opportunities between committees and provide input into areas of school life that promote a positive and engaging school culture. 

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