Get to Know The Greenwood House System

Written by Marinah Farah ‘20 and Charlotte Dixon ‘20
How the House System is Used to Usher in a New School Year

One way Greenwood welcomes new students to the school is by introducing them to their Houses. Within the first week of school, Grade 7-9 students, as well as the Grade 12s, have the opportunity to interact with each other on their outdoor education trips through House events, fun games and cheer-offs run by Grade 12s and House Captains. With the contributions of the House Captains and Grade 12s, younger students were given the opportunity to feel engaged and connected to the older students within the school. 

The House system is an amazing way to immerse the school in Grade integration. This year, we watched as the new students went into the school year knowing close to no one and then quickly bonded with all the members within their Houses. Both the Grade 12s and the younger grades came out of this experience feeling fulfilled and excited for the many events that will come this year. 

The First Major House Event: Terry Fox

“I thought the Terry Fox Run was exciting and energizing, all the House captains were really enthusiastic and good at making me feel included!” - Charlie Raymond ‘25

All students and staff at Greenwood participated in the Terry Fox Run on Friday, October 4. The Terry Fox Run is not only a way to raise money for cancer research, but also allows students to show House pride by running, cheering, dressing up, and donating to a worthy cause. The House captains this year excelled at this event, from providing a spirited welcome to students and staff at 8 a.m. to encouraging every member of their Houses throughout the day. The efforts from the House system this year were astonishing and students of all grades had lots of fun. 

The Terry Fox Run is one of the major House events of the year. Many ‘character’ House points were distributed for student and staff standings at the run. ‘Civic character’ points were given out for donations and ‘spirit’ points were given for best House outfit. The run was extremely successful, with full participation and freezies, cheering and excitement as everyone finished their run through the Mount Pleasant Cemetery. With the support of Greenwood families, staff, and students, we were able to donate a large sum of money to The Terry Fox Foundation. We are thankful for the ability to continue the Terry Fox name while creating an exciting environment for the community.

“It was great. It was really nice to get outside and show our House spirit!” - Alyssa Hanson ‘21

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