Getting Creative on Arts Day!

From drawing pet portraits to learning about stage combat, our Grade 7-9 students had a great time at our annual Arts Day! Instead of a typical day of classes, students participated in a variety of art activities and listened to two incredible guest speakers. 

Our day was filled with 14 different workshops that were all vastly different from each other. While some students took a Zumba class, others were learning how to DJ and write songs. A very popular workshop choice was a zombie makeup session. Students learned how to make fake wounds and zombify themselves using simple ingredients such as oatmeal and glue! We also welcomed Greenwood alumni Gabrielle Johnson ‘14, who is the owner of The Make Station. She hosted a workshop on polaroid emulsion and it was a huge hit!

The full list of workshops can be found below.

We also welcomed two guest speakers: Erika Neilsen and Karina Rotenstein. Erika is a well-known cellist as well as an educator in positive mental health. She has also played with famous musicians such as Kanye West. Karina is a filmmaker who has been involved in the production of many documentaries including an Oscar nominee titled Edith and Eddie. She has watched well over 60,000 films in her lifetime and for 10 years got paid to watch 8 movies a day for 200 days of the year - that’s over 16,000 films!

While our Grade 7-9 students were getting creative, our Grade 10 students spent the day at The Second City - a comedy club, theatre and school of improvisation. The students participated in various interactive improv workshops and learned the fundamentals of performance in an inclusive and humorous series of exercises.

Our Grade 11 and 12 students spent the day visiting postsecondary schools they may be interested in attending. Some of these schools included Western University, University of Guelph and McMaster University.

It was a busy but fun day for all our students!

Arts Day Workshops:
Improv Comedy hosted by Matty Burns
Crayligraphy hosted by Alicia Spence
Origami hosted by Margaret Tsui
Music Demo hosted by Teilhard Frost
Zumba hosted by Shelley-Anne Castro
Hip Hop hosted by Amy Lintunen
Songwriting hosted by Tim O’Reilly
Circus hosted by Nikki Johnson
DJ Room hosted by Richie Piasetski
Stage Combat hosted by Michael Dufays and Casey Hudecki 
Zombie Makeup hosted by Paola Ortiz
Polaroid Emulsion hosted by Gabrielle Johnson ‘14
Jewelry Making hosted by Rachael Tham
Pet Portrait hosted by Shay Brown and Mariah Llanes
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