Why do we Assemble?

Sarah’s address to the school on Monday focused on the importance of why we assemble.

Read her remarks below.

“Each and every person here today is a valued member of the Greenwood community and that is one of the key reasons that we get together. 

Assemblies are a time to instill a sense of belonging and community. To be here during this time is a reminder that together, and along with alumni and parents, we are the Greenwood community.

We cover important topics in our assemblies, some will resonate with you more than others, but it’s important to hear different points of view and different stories. 

Our assemblies are useful ways for you to learn about what is happening in our school. While we tend to do most of our communicating electronically these days, it is far more personal, learning about what is happening at our school from the key organizers and supporters of each initiative.
The topic and tone of assemblies vary and it is important for you to participate appropriately. 

Last Friday you listened carefully and attentively; showing our guest speaker, Shane McLeod from the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, the utmost respect. Thank you!

Functioning as part of a larger group is a valuable skill and it is important that each of you regulate your own behaviour during assemblies. In my opinion, one of the best ways to do this is to have empathy for the people presenting. Imagine that you are the person standing up in front of your peers and almost 600 people. Let this thought guide your behaviour and responses. Always be mindful of this: listen attentively, respond appropriately. 

Please choose to sit with people during the assembly that helps you with this. Thank you to everyone who has mastered this and understands how important it is. 

I hope that during your time at Greenwood you will have at least one opportunity to present to the school community during an assembly. Take advantage of this opportunity and share your voice with our community. We look forward to it.”

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