Get to Know the Greenwood Arts Committee

Written by Cole Perelmuter ‘20, Arts Committee Executive
The Arts Committee is a group of creative individuals who gather every Friday at lunch to organize art-related activities throughout the school. Our goal is to inspire involvement, creativity, and awareness within the Arts at Greenwood.

We believe the Arts are for everyone which is demonstrated best through our initiative, Arts Everywhere. Arts Everywhere is a biweekly arts station in the Lodge with activities ranging from colouring to cookie decorating. Every art activity is open and welcoming, and covers a wide array of genres and topics. 

One of the Arts Everywhere activities we undertook this year was creating a “Love is Love” mural during Pride Week. The Arts Committee, along with many other students, created a large banner showing Greenwood’s support of the LGBTQ+ community. Once the mural was complete, the whole school had the opportunity to sign their names on it to show their alliance with this community. This is just one example of a school-wide project that the Arts Committee has done.

Every few months or so the school gets together for a school-wide talent show called ‘Greenwood Mic’. Greenwood Mic has been a tradition at Greenwood since the school was first established. Personally, I have participated in Greenwood Mics throughout my entire career at this school. The audience has seen my music preference change from playing 70s soft rock in Grade 7, to Green Day in Grade 9, to playing original songs in Grade 12. These performances have been a huge part of my love for this school and I have gained confidence that I would have never received otherwise. 

I have also been hosting the Greenwood Mics this year which has been a humbling experience. I can look upon the Grade 7 students performing and remember what it was like to be in that exact situation. Of course, hosting is extremely fun as well. Gabriel Browning-Rodriguez ‘21 and I have a very unique dynamic that makes our comedy in between acts particularly funny. Perhaps it comes from being friends for a while or from sharing a common interest in the Arts. Whatever it is, Greenwood Mics are one of my favourite school activities and I’m so pumped to host more of them. 

Another Arts initiative we accomplished was creating Remembrance Day wreaths. For two weeks leading up to Greenwood’s Remembrance Day assembly, the Arts committee met a few times to create two big poppy-filled wreaths. As a group, we created each petal individually, which we then put together to create a full flower and assembled it on a cardboard outline. It took a lot of work, but the end result was worth it. The final product was two massive, papier-mache poppy wreaths with beautiful white lights intertwined throughout the flowers. Our committee’s teamwork helps show the impact that can be achieved when creative minds are put together.

We also just celebrated our annual Arts Day on Tuesday, November 19. Arts Day is for Grade 7-9 students and gives the younger members of the committee a leadership role, something I really enjoyed when I was in those grades. Read more about Arts Day.

The Arts committee has many other initiatives coming up including the next Greenwood Mic on Thursday, December 19!

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