An Amazing Performance of Little Shop of Horrors

The Greenwood community was blown away by our amazing Junior Play, Little Shop of Horrors. After spending multiple hours a week rehearsing lines, perfecting the music and creating the set, everything came together so perfectly.

From Thursday, November 28 to Saturday, November 30, our cast performed four shows for members of the Greenwood Community. It was clear that every cast member was passionate about their role and our crew worked hard to make the set look spectacular. 

Our cast members also expressed that they had the time of their lives working on set together and didn’t want it to end. Check out our full list of cast members.

Fin Burke ‘23, who played Seymour, expressed that his favourite part of the play was the bond he created with the cast. “I have made friends through this play that will change me for life,” said Fin. He also noted that he loved playing Seymour because he has never played anything like him before. “Seymour has so many different emotions throughout the play so I got to change my mood during the performance,” he said. Fin is extremely happy with how the play went and said he owes it to Ms. Borden, who is the “best director he has ever worked with,” and to Mr. Morrison and Mr. Wright for being “musical geniuses”. Fin cannot wait to continue acting and singing and it is his passion to pursue theatre as a career one day. 

A couple of our Doo Wop Girls also mentioned how much the play meant to them and that they will always remember it as one of their best experiences at Greenwood. “I loved doing this show. It means so much to me and I have never been so close with a group of people spanning three grades. I think I speak for all the cast when I say that we really miss performing this show,” said Robyn Bauer ‘25. Robyn’s castmate Sarah Snider ‘23 also expressed that she loved every aspect of the show. She said she especially enjoyed the rehearsals because she met so many new people she wouldn’t have otherwise. “This was my first Junior Play and it was such an amazing experience,” said Sarah.

Ms. Borden, Mr. Wright, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Bui, Ms. Floras and more worked tirelessly to ensure the production went as planned. The cast expressed how grateful they were to have worked with such a wonderful team and could not have imagined it going any better.

The director of the play, Ms. Borden, also expressed her gratitude by sharing a lovely message:

“Directing Little Shop of Horrors was one of the greatest highlights of my time at Greenwood. The energy and passion of the cast was inspiring, and they worked incredibly hard to bring the pages of the script to life. With a cast of forty, a dedicated crew, and our talented band, the show’s success is thanks to the efforts of about a hundred students and a handful of committed teachers. Thank you to all who made it possible.” 

Amazing job to everyone who was involved in the play!
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