We All Have Mental Health

“Remember: there are people who care about you that want to listen. You are important and deserve to be heard.” - Anne Hughes ‘13

Greenwood alumna Anne Hughes ‘13 opened Mental Health Awareness Week by sharing her experience dealing with mental illness and the journey she has been on to overcome her struggles. She encouraged students to talk about mental health and reminded them how important it is to take care of themselves. Read her full story here.

On Monday, students also welcomed Henry, who is a therapy dog in training. Henry belongs to Greenwood’s social worker, Lori Houzer, and occasionally visits our students to help relieve stress. He took part in a Jack Chats session hosted by the Jack Chapter, where students had the opportunity to talk and ask questions about mental health with the Jack Chapter team.

The next day brought a ‘stress down-dress down’ where students and staff wore comfy clothes to school. There was also mindful colouring taking place in the Lodge and a table set up to write ‘gratitude letters’. We also welcomed two more fluffy guests to the school, Marlowe and Kayleigh. These two therapy dogs were the perfect way to bring a boost of happiness to the school and our students loved hanging out with them.

Wednesday began with music in the Lodge and ended with tea and nap time in the theatre. It was a great way to feel motivated in the morning and then de-stress and relax in the afternoon. 

Students were full of warm fuzzies onThursday morning as they hung out in the Lodge and drank some hot chocolate. Our Grade 7s and 8s attended a Mental Health Q&A in their Adviser groups during community time and our Jack Chapter team hosted another Jack Chats session. This time, the Jack Chat was focused on the relationship between mental health and the LGBTQ+ community. 

On Friday, students and staff had the choice to participate in a mindful beltline walk hosted by the OE Committee and a ‘Doctor Dodgeball’ game led by the Athletics committee. To finish the week strong, the Jack Chapter brought back ‘Take A Bite Out of Stigma’ where students decorated cookies with words that are often related to mental illness and then took a bite out of them to show that these words do not define who a person is.

Mental Health Awareness week reminded students and staff that they should prioritize their mental well-being and recognize that EVERYONE has mental health to attend to. 

A big thank you to Jack Chapter and all those who helped organize a great week!
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