Sleep Better and Move More: ‘Hi Five For Life’ Program

Our first group of Grade 7s has completed the first two weeks of the ‘Hi Five For Life’ (HFFL) program! 
The students were first introduced to the "5 seeds of well-being":
  • Sleep Better
  • Move More
  • Eat Smarter
  • Relax and Recharge
  • Be the Change
Throughout the program, they learn how to incorporate the 5 seeds of well-being into their daily routine. They have their own journal to track their learning and a 24-hour wheel which documents how they spend each hour of their day.This allows them to visualize their progress each week. It will also bring more awareness to self-care and inspire them to make healthier and more meaningful lifestyle choices. 
Their first week of the program was all about what they can do to sleep better. They learned about the importance of brain functions and how many hours of sleep a person needs to regenerate. They also learned that a good, sound sleep is fundamental for optimal mental performance and talked about strategies on how to protect the last hour before bed.
During the second week they focussed on moving their bodies. The students experienced a 30 minute HIIT class (High-Intensity Interval Training) to raise their heartbeats and feel the effects of an energetic anaerobic workout. After the exercise, they learned how to listen to and control their breathing to calm their nervous systems. They discussed the multiple benefits of moving their bodies and how that connects to mental health by helping us to decrease stress and anxiety. The students were very engaged and open to sharing their experiences. 
They are looking forward to building on their learning and making new connections with the next seed: "Eating Smarter".
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