Giving it Their All at the Kids Lit Quiz

Written by Alexander Viola
Greenwood students, Charlie Henn ‘25, Charlie Waghmare ‘25, Zubin Rustamji ‘25, and Alexander Viola ‘25, as well as their coach, Ms. Vlahos, travelled to Parkview Manor to compete in the Kids Lit Quiz on January 21. 

To prepare for this competition, our team had meetings every Tuesday at break. We would practice by using questions from the Kids Lit Quiz website, some of which have been used in previous world finals. We would also read books to study which were suggested by Ms. Vlahos and do practice questions and discuss books. Members of the team were also assigned to study specific books. 

After months of studying and practicing, the competition arrived. We were all very nervous for the big day, but we were also very excited. 

During the competition we were asked questions about books, authors, characters and more! A few examples of questions they asked were: 
  • Who spoke the words, ‘curiouser and curiouser!?”
  • How many books are there in total in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events?
There were 10 rounds and 10 questions in each round. Each question was worth one point. For one of the rounds you could choose to get doubles which meant instead of gaining one point for a correct answer, you would gain two. In between each category or round, the Quizmaster would ask questions to the audience and if someone got the answer correct they would receive a 5 dollar bill. 

There were a few challenges we encountered, such as not knowing the answer to a certain question or disagreeing on an answer. In the end, we all compromised to solve the problem.

We went into the competition with the hope of placing in the top four because that meant we would be on our way to the Canadian Finals in February and possibly the World Finals in New Zealand. 

We ended up doing well, but not as well as we had hoped. Havergal placed first and we were somewhere mid-table. To improve our place next year, we will continue to practice in our club and read as much as possible. Our goal for next year is to finish higher up and get more questions right.

Overall, we all had a very fun and memorable experience that we will never forget. Thank you, Ms. Vlahos, for encouraging us and taking us there!
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