Relax and Recharge: Hi Five For Life

The Grade 7s have been enjoying their time participating in the Hi Five For Life program and have continued to explore the 5 Seeds of Well-being. The third seed, Eat Smarter, showed students that eating preferences and habits are a learned behaviour and that they can train their taste buds to like other, healthier foods. They participated in a blind taste test with two kinds of cereal: Cheerios and Nature's Path Ancient Grain O’s. They discussed packaging, ingredient labels, diversity in their diets, health claims, sugar content and more. 
Students have learned and felt the connection to their eating, sleeping and moving habits, and seen how important they all are to feeding the brain. Healthier choices are incremental and happen over time with each and every choice we make. Students expanded their scope beyond the Canada Food Guide and explored what a planetary diet might look like. They were also introduced to the Slow Food principles of Good, Clean, Fair Food.
Students dove into the fourth seed the following week, which was all about how to relax and recharge. Working hard is as important as taking breaks because we need to relax and recharge our brain and body so that we can function at our best. The students learned some meditation techniques to calm the mind and decrease anxiety. They watched videos from the Headspace meditation app and were encouraged to try it at home. Unlearning habits is sometimes necessary to start new, healthy patterns in your daily routine. 
The Grade 7s are busy populating their 21 day journals and are looking forward to discussing in groups how to make changes for themselves and be an example for others. In their final week they will discuss the fifth seed: Be the Change''.
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