The Importance of Peer Mentorship

Written by Ellie Selbiger-Davidson ‘20 and Alex Dart ‘20
Peer Mentoring has been a staple of Greenwood’s committees for a long time. Upon joining the program, each junior student is paired with a senior student who acts as their mentor for the whole year. 

Meeting weekly, they develop a great relationship, bridge the gap between grades, and promote inclusivity in school. Not to mention, the homework help is a great learning tool for the junior students. Younger students can receive many benefits, such as help with topics and ideas that the older students may have already learned. They also gain perspective on the school as a whole from the older students, who have already been through a lot of what they are yet to face, and become friends with a student in an older grade. The mentor acts as someone they can look up to and is another friendly face to have a chat with at any time. 

Older students can get a lot out of the program as well, such as experience in tutoring or teaching, integrating with the younger grades and applying their experiences positively in the form of helpful advice. 

Whether it’s study schedules for exams, tricky homework problems, or even social challenges, many of the school’s senior students have something to offer and something to help make a younger student’s Greenwood experience just that much better, even if they don’t think they do. That’s why we encourage anyone and everyone to join the Peer Mentoring Committee! 

In the 2020-2021 school year, the program will be going through a change that will bring everyone together even more, and make Peer Mentoring more fun and interesting than it’s ever been before. So if you haven’t signed up yet, make sure to get your name down as soon as possible!

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