The Finish Line Will Come

Good morning and thank you for watching the video I shared this morning.

I’ve been thinking about the Olympics lately and how much I will miss the chance to see the athletes perform after years and years of training. Unfortunately, many of their dreams will not be coming true this year.

I know many of you are feeling that sense of loss that our school year may not end in the school building. I know we had to cancel many things you have been looking forward to. I hope that when we are back in the building, we will all appreciate those things even more. We will do our very best to make sure we celebrate our graduates when the time comes and make the most of whatever the circumstances are that lie ahead.

I loved watching that video and seeing the athlete finish the race even though it seemed for a moment she wouldn’t. I’ve been thinking a lot about finish lines lately and I think one of the things that makes our own situation very challenging right now is that we can’t see the finish line. We are not sure how far away it is, when it will come, and when things will get back to normal. 

However, the finish line is going to come and so I ask us all to hang in there and be strong. We are all going to have a wobble. There are going to be moments when it feels unbearable and harder than ever, but please continue to ask for help. We spoke earlier in the school year about taking care of ourselves, taking care of Greenwood and taking care of each other. Things may look a little bit different right now but I’m asking you to continue to do that.

I was also thinking about the one (and only) time I ran a marathon because this does feel like it’s going to be a marathon -- we just don’t know if we are in mile two or mile twenty. When I got to the end of the marathon, the glass of Gatorade I drank was the best Gatorade I had ever tasted. It wasn’t because the drink itself was any different; it was because I needed it so badly.This makes me think about how I cannot wait to walk through the doors of Greenwood and how incredible it’s going to feel.

Have a great week. Make the most of it, and I hope you will enjoy some Well-Being Wednesday activities as part of looking after yourself.

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