Looking Forward to a Wonderful Week

Good morning Greenwood and welcome to our May 11 Assembly!

We have special Spirit Week activities this week and I hope that everyone will participate and make one final push to the finish line on behalf of your House. Good luck and have fun!

These activities are in lieu of Spirit Day which was supposed to take place on Friday. Since there are no scheduled classes, we will have an extended long weekend. Please enjoy the long weekend -- stay safe, stay healthy and take great care of yourselves.

I would now like to introduce a special guest speaker today: Dr. Robert Sargeant. Dr. Sargeant is a father to David Sargeant ‘22 and Matthew Sargeant ‘17. He is leading the COVID-19 response team at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and is also the Head of Internal Medicine there. He will inform us on what it is like to be working at the hospital right now and what we can all do in order to stay safe and healthy. He will also answer a number of questions you may have about COVID-19. 

Thank you all in advance for listening to this fantastic guest speaker. I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Sargeant as a member of the Greenwood community and I am so grateful he is speaking to all of us today. 

Enjoy the presentation and I hope you have a great week and a lovely long weekend. Take care!

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