Staying Well at Greenwood

Greenwood students and staff enjoyed their last two Well-Being Wednesdays on April 29 and May 6. They participated in a variety of activities, both new ones and continuations of activities from the first week. 

Our second Well-Being Wednesday included at-home workouts, a book café, percussion making, chess playing, musical theatre madness and more! Mr. Bryant also hosted another great session all about his mini farm. He streamed live video footage of his chickens, shared funny videos and taught the students all about how he takes care of his small hobby farm. 

During our third Well-Being Wednesday we incorporated more activities into our schedule including knitting, smoothie making, creative writing, and food photography. We also had another great turnout with Mr. Clark’s cooking class which featured a recipe for millionaire’s shortbread. Students also played chess, participated in workout classes, attended a virtual campfire, played games and so much more. 
Although our Well-Being Wednesdays are no longer in session, we hope everyone continues to put their mental health and well-being first. Whether it is taking time out of your day to go for a walk, listen to music, or do a craft, we hope you can find time to incorporate wellness activities into your routine.
Thank you to all Greenwood staff who hosted a well-being activity!
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