Park Revitalization Challenge

The big question: How can we redesign and revitalize a local park or green space to include a new major upgrade as well as consider safety, usability and aesthetics for all users?

Our Grade 11 Green Industry students took on this question in their most recent project: The Park Revitalization Challenge.

Students sought out a local park or simple green space and considered different types of upgrades it could use, such as new playground facilities, splash pads, gardens, picnic areas, sports courts, trees, and more. Their proposals had to meet community needs and requirements which included things like:
  • accessibility for mothers with strollers;
  • safety barriers for children;
  • seating for residents with mobility issues; and
  • lighting for when it gets dark. 
First, students chose a specific green space they wanted to revitalize and then completed a site analysis to outline what the park already had to offer. They answered a variety of questions and drew a rough draft of its current state using bubble drawings to help define certain areas. 

Once they decided which placement features they wanted to add or change, they began drawing their new concept plan. Keeping functionality, safety, and aesthetic in mind, they submitted their plan along with a 300-500 word written statement describing their new landscape. They framed this description as a ‘pitch’ to a city councillor detailing the idea for their park.
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