Time to Celebr8!

Completing Grade 8 is an important milestone and one that we believe is necessary to celebr8!

On Tuesday, May 26 our Grade 8 students enjoyed a special video filled with memories from the past two years. Sarah Bruce, Greenwood’s Principal, acknowledged the fact that they are moving on to high school next year and encouraged them to reflect on the experiences that got them to where they are today. “You have proven to yourself and others that you are strong, resilient and capable. We celebrate you and your courage,” said Sarah.

Along with Sarah’s kind words, the Grade 8s enjoyed a slideshow of photos that were taken over the past two years. They looked back on their adventures in outdoor learning, their accomplishments in the classroom and the successes they achieved through extra-curriculars. They also enjoyed a special video that took them on a journey back to their trip to Tamakwa in September 2019.

Our Grade 8 -- soon to be Grade 9 -- students will receive a book called 365 Days of Wonder as a gift for their achievements. This book is filled with 365 quotes about courage, friendship, love and kindness. Our hope is that our Grade 8s can find quotes from this book that will bring them inspiration.

Greenwood wishes all of our Grade 8s the best of luck as they take the next step in their journey and hope that they will celebr8 their completion of an important milestone! 
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