Highlighting Accomplishments in the Arts: Arts Week 2020

Arts Week is an opportunity for Greenwood to recognize the talent of our students who are involved in music, dance, theatre, visual arts, film, photography and so much more. 
During this year’s Art’s Week, our morning announcements began with a collection of Arts highlights from the year. We showcased paintings, drawings, sculptures and much more, designed by our students.
On Monday, May 25 it was a special day for many of our students as we highlighted music performances, visual arts, drama, dance and film during our special Arts Week assembly. 
Monday also marked our 12th annual Groscars - Greenwood’s annual film showcase. The Grade 11 Film class showcased their documentaries, our Grade 12 Film class premiered their television pilot, Technical Difficulties, and our Grade 12 Advertising class showed a series of commercials throughout the program. It was a wonderful day and we would like to congratulate our students on the hard work and talent that went into these productions.
During break on Tuesday, the Arts Committee hosted their final Arts Everywhere event with an interactive craft over Google Meets. On Wednesday, we concluded our Arts Week by showcasing amazing photos taken by Grade 12 photography students.
Although it was only three days, we had an incredible time celebrating the accomplishments of our Arts students.
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