Standing Strong Together

Hi Greenwood!

This is it--the last assembly of the year.

I want to congratulate you on everything that you have done. Your persistence and perseverance are really paying off. You have gone through some very difficult weeks and months this school year and now you are almost finished. I wish you luck on your final evaluations and please keep those into perspective. They are worth very little of your year with respect to grades and should just be an opportunity for you to show up, give it your best shot and hopefully consolidate your learning and find out where you're at in preparation for next year. 

This week, we have more things to look forward to prior to your final evals. We are celebrating Arts Week. Please enjoy some of the activities that have been put together for this week such as the Groscars coming up tonight. 

I would like to thank our staff who have not just put Arts Week together but have put all of our special events together this year, both virtually and in person.

It has been so important for us to stay connected as a community, and that is something we are going to keep doing. Throughout the summer and the fall, we will have some chances to connect both virtually and in the school. We will continue to make the most of things and we will get through this together, I have no doubt. When it’s over we are going to celebrate. We are going to look behind us and say, “We did it! It’s over and here we are together standing strong as Greenwood.” 

I wish you luck on your final evaluations and I hope you have an enjoyable week. Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather coming our way and soon you will have a change of pace from the regular school year and some breaks from your screens. 

Take care everyone! I look forward to seeing you all soon and look forward to our final celebrations at the end of the year. 

Bye for now!

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