Expressing Creativity at Home

Ms. Petch’s Art classes were busy working on their year-end projects this past month. Her students were tasked with designing unique works of art that required a lot of creative thinking.

Below are some of the projects they were working on.

Grade 7
Our Grade 7 Visual Arts students finished two amazing projects this past month. Their first project was to create interpretations of iconic artwork. They were tasked with becoming living works of art by posting photos of themselves recreating their favourite works of art along with a short monologue.
Their second project was to design artwork dioramas with a modern twist. They had to use materials found at home and turn a 2D work of art into 3D. This process involved many lessons and class discussions about the elements and principles of design. The Grade 7s were creative and resourceful in making their art and sharing the results with one another.

Grade 10
Our Grade 10 Visual Arts students worked on a culminating dinner party project. They had to create a place setting for someone with whom they would like to have dinner. Many students used salt dough to bake items and paper mache for cups and plates. Some students learned to sew and embroider as well. They were all creative! This fun project has now become a Greenwood tradition.

Grade 11
Earlier in the year, Grade 11 Art students researched,designed and created a 3D model for a public work of art in a site-specific location for a Toronto neighbourhood. The culminating activity expanded their critical thinking to consider the entire country. They explored a current Canadian issue of their choice and drew a detailed image showcasing how they would fit a piece of art in public space centered around the theme of their issue. For example, Jamie Jones ‘22 drew a statue of a hand holding the Earth in the middle of a park to represent climate change. 

Grade 12
Our Grade 12 Art students work thematically for the duration of the year. They had two independent projects that challenged them to use materials and techniques that were new to them in order to expand their creativity, technical skills and breadth of portfolio work. On top of this, they had to work in isolation at home!
Their culminating project was to design an exhibit that would uniquely showcase their work while considering the elements and principles of design: colour, space, scale, balance, and their overall theme. As they were unable to construct this show, their drawings demonstrate their ingenuity.
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