Health and Safety at Greenwood

The health and safety of our families and staff is a top priority at Greenwood. Check out our slideshow of photos to see what our new protocols look like in practice that will help us to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure our school is clean and safe.

While it was very exciting and refreshing to welcome students and staff back into the building, we have a number of practices that will make our day-to-day experiences look a little different this year.

Greenwood welcomed Hannah Dawson, our new nurse, to the school this year. Hannah will assess any students or staff members who are feeling ill and will help keep us accountable for the safety measures we have in place. She has also recorded a number of videos on health and safety tips that will be uploaded to our Instagram throughout the coming weeks. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @greenwoodcollegeschool to check out these videos!

We have also placed hand-washing stations and sanitizer bottles around the school, including outside of every doorway and in common areas. The floors of the school have been labelled with arrows to direct the flow of traffic and we have also spaced out desks and tables in every classroom and common area to ensure everyone can remain physically distant. 

Masks must remain on students and staff at all times while inside the building, unless eating lunch in a designated seating area. However, there are many opportunities throughout the day for staff and students to take mask breaks. Our outdoor terrace also gives students and staff the opportunity to work outside without a mask while remaining two meters apart.

HEPA filters have also been added around the school to filter out fine particles, and the school is sanitized nightly using an electrostatic sprayer and an approved bleach alternative.

If you wish to learn more about these protocols, please check out our Return to School Plan.
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