Greenwood Hosts a Spooktacular Halloween Week

There were many great events and activities that took place during our annual Halloween Week.

Students and staff participated in a number of House competitions including a very successful Halloween food drive. Over 1,350 items were collected and donated to local food banks. The House that donated the most has not yet been revealed, however, we do know that they took the lead with donating over 300 items!

To no surprise, the Greenwood community did not disappoint when it came to Halloween costumes! On Thursday and Friday, staff and students showed up to school in creative and spooky Halloween costumes. Scroll through the photo album below to see photos of the unique costumes that were captured at our Halloween photo booth. 

Speaking of creativity, we also had some amazing submissions for our Movie Poster Remake Competition! In the photo album below, you will also find the scary movie and Halloween-themed movie posters our students and staff created. 

You can also read some of the stories that were submitted for our Spooky Short Story Contest. Churchill managed to take the lead with their chilling and eerie stories. Read some of our favourite stories below!

Written by Elle Houston ‘21 (Churchill)

After a night out I was waiting for my Uber to arrive.
When he got there I hopped in.
I asked my driver, “This Uber is for Rachel, correct?”
He told me it was.
We were driving away from the restaurant when I got a text.
My driver was telling me he had arrived.

Written by Hannah Hutzul ‘22 (Churchill)

Many locals know you should never go fishing in the river black, 
but only the smart folks know that it’s because down below 
something is always fishing back. 

Written by Kyle Rogers ‘21 (West)

As I moved closer, it did too.
I felt some stranger urge to draw me in close.
Every time I would come back to that place, it would appear, 
following everything I did, and every time I left it would vanish.
I put my hand out, turned the light off,
and walked away from the mirror.

Written by Lub ( David Latimer)

Power out.
The lightning rages… the boy alone upstairs looks at the sinister figure below.
He films. Their eyes meet… the door crashes open…
He hides under the covers.
The covers rip back!
He screams… 
He awakes… sunshine
… a dream!
He checks his phone… he sees the video…
The closet opens…
He screams for real.

Winners are still being tallied for House points so be sure to follow us on Instagram to find out which House took the lead during Halloween Week!
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