The Importance of Greenwood’s Adviser Program

Written by Jennifer Lillie, Director, Student Success and Anthony Costa, Director, Grade 7/8 Program
The Adviser program at Greenwood is designed to support and enhance the mission of Greenwood and personalize the delivery of the program through different ages and stages of development.

The main focus in Grade 7 and 8 is the positive transition into the Greenwood Community. Everything the students are experiencing is new: different teachers, different classes, different social groupings. The main directive of an Adviser is to support students to feel successful in becoming a positive member of the Greenwood community. In doing this, students can thrive in the many opportunities presented to them at Greenwood. 

Some examples of this transition can include developing students’ organizational skills, teaching about social-emotional development, fostering relationships with other students and teachers, and even simple things like navigating new spaces in the building! 

Throughout this work, Advisers use the themes of civic, moral, intellectual and performance character development to help students grow and to assist in their coaching practices with their Advisees. 

An Adviser at the Grade 9 and 10 levels is a coach and champion of their student-Advisees. They encourage students to take on academic challenges and risks to pursue learning. They help them seek out novel opportunities for community involvement and leadership to further develop and expand their own interests and skills.

Advisers at the Grade 9 and 10 levels also foster character development by supporting self-advocacy, involvement in committees, clubs and teams, and service pursuits. They integrate inclusion and Service Learning into the classroom by building empathy, collaboration, and a connection with the wider community

In Grades 11 and 12 levels, Advisers work to really get to know our students - their strengths, their needs and their postsecondary aspirations. Advisers also continue to encourage students to continue to build civic, moral, intellectual and performance character in ways suited to them. 

Grade 11 and 12 students are largely settled in their friend groups and social circles and are ready to focus more on leadership opportunities and sorting out their postsecondary plans. At this level, the Adviser program moves towards a more personalized and individualized approach.

At the 11 and 12 levels, all of our Advisers are also postsecondary guidance counsellors. In Grade 11 we run two Adviser courses which are built into the timetable (GLS4O and GLE3O) and these courses focus on skills such as note-taking, study skills, time management, memory work, test-exam preparation, critical and creative thinking skills, decision making, communication skills and conflict management and leadership. The program is highly personalized as we start to work with students around their best fit for postsecondary.

The Grade 12 year is spent focusing on postsecondary planning and the transition to postsecondary, with a focus on well-being and mental health. We work alongside students and their families to help them find their best fit, whether it be university, college, a GAP year or other opportunities. 

We encourage students to carve their own path and we support them by coaching them through the process so they are the leader of their growth and goals.
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