Moving for Movember

Written by Tessa Palmert ‘22
Mustaches in November? Movember? What’s that about? Movember is an advocacy campaign dedicated to changing the way men approach both their physical and mental health. Although it was initially dedicated to raising money and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer, Movember has also grown to include conversations about mental health and suicide prevention. 

At Greenwood, the Jack Chapter and Athletics Committee are working together to promote awareness of not only men’s mental health but everyone’s mental health. There are many opportunities to get involved in Movember initiatives this year, including growing a moustache or raising funds on Greenwood's Movember page. All students and staff are encouraged to commit to moving (walking, running, or biking) at least 60km throughout the month. This initiative is particularly important due to the strong ties between mental and physical health. 

Students can track their movement progress by joining Greenwood's online Movember team. House points are up for grabs! Points will be awarded for completing the 60km goal, the farthest distance traveled, and to the House with the highest participation.

Moving in support of Movember is not only a fantastic way to bring attention to the importance of mental health awareness but also to improve your own mental health. Physical activity has been shown to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also improve sleep, boost your mood, and increase cognitive function. Students can make small changes in their routines to increase their physical activity such as getting off the bus at an earlier stop or going for a walk during lunch. Even a little bit of activity can have a profound impact; a 10-minute walk, run, or workout can go a long way. 

Students are encouraged to continue to take care of themselves throughout this challenging year by staying connected with friends and family and paying attention to their mental and physical health. Through the participation in Movember, the Jack Chapter hopes to continue to facilitate positive conversations around mental health awareness at Greenwood.
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