MOVEmber Success!

After 30 days of movement and moustaches, Greenwood’s MOVEmber efforts have finally come to an end. Movember was originally focused on raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer but more recently, the Movember Foundation has broadened its scope to include men’s mental health with a particular focus on suicide prevention. 

At Greenwood, we decided that we would participate in MOVEmber with our focus firmly fixed on everyone’s mental health and the importance of physical activity as a core component of our own health and well-being.

The restrictions currently in place due to the pandemic have also led to a reduction in physical activity for many people. With that in mind, we challenged our community to set movement goals for themselves throughout the month of November. 

Unsurprisingly, the Greenwood community did more than just step up to the challenge. Greenwood’s team, including both staff and students, logged over 3,750 kilometres of physical activity. They beat the suggested distance of 60km per participant by a huge margin.

Greenwood’s community once again exceeded expectations with fundraising efforts, bringing in a total of $8,190. This amount ranked Greenwood as the fifth-highest fundraising school in Canada. All proceeds will go towards funding the Movember Foundation’s many excellent causes which you can learn more about here.

Although MOVEmber is over, we hope that the great habits we saw this month can be continued for the rest of the school year and beyond. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in our MOVEmber efforts!
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