Congrats to all DECA Participants!

Written by Mr. Vachon, Subject Team Leader, Business
Greenwood Business teachers would like to celebrate the efforts and successes of our DECA students in Grades 9 to 12.
DECA is an annual extra-curricular program consisting of short oral and written business situation role-plays. Students choose categories to participate in such as management, finance, human resources, and sports marketing.
After months of virtual practice, Greenwood's DECA students participated in DECA’s online Regionals in November alongside thousands of competitors from Southern Ontario. This year, an impressive 19 Grizzlies from Grades 10 to 12 scored highly enough to qualify for Provincials in February. This is a significant accomplishment! Names of all qualifiers are listed below.
A special thank you to this year's DECA Executives who excelled at running this club: Matt Kaul '21, Brandon Jones '21, Kate Morris '21, Justin Elder '21, and JJ Langer '22. 
Additionally we'd like to celebrate Matt Kaul '21 who was recognized at DECA's awards ceremony for finishing third in a category against hundreds of other participants. Congrats! 
Thank you to all DECA students for your time, effort, and creativity. Congratulations to those who are now one step away from representing Canada in DECA's online Internationals in April. 
DECA 2020/2021 Provincials Qualifiers
Anna De Pencier ‘21
Stewie Bain ‘21
Bella Clyde ‘21
Jill Fabian ‘21
Ayssa Hanson ‘21
Hannah Hutzul ‘22
Brandon Jones ‘21
Jamie Kaul ‘23 
Matt Kaul ‘21
Zack Kolers ‘21
Curtis Li ‘23
James Lu ‘23
Julia Morris ‘23
Kate Morris ‘21
Maya Oberai ‘21
Angelica Posehn ‘23
Genevieve Posehn ‘23
Ev Rogan ‘21
Olivia Shewfelt ‘21
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